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ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - e-bulettin July 2015 - Wear a hat on 2 October for #Hatson4CPC

Wear a hat on 2 October for #Hatson4CPC

ICPCN has declared the first Friday in October an international day of awareness for children's hospice and palliative care services, highlighting the global right of 21 million children with life-limiting conditions to receive palliative care. We call on our members and those working in the field to use this day to raise funds and awareness of the need for children's palliative care.

To show support people will be asked to make a small donation and wear a hat to work, school, college, or just around the house. They will also be encouraged to post a picture of themselves with a hat on social media sites. The campaign will be known as ‘Hatson4CPC’ with the hashtag #Hatson4CPC. The date for this hat wearing extravaganza in 2015 is Friday 2 October.

There are many ways to engage the public, and we particularly hope that schools across the globe will become involved, learn about the needs and rights of children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and raise funds for local services. Click the button below to learn more and download resources that can be used. We are also looking for volunteers to translate materials into as many languages as possible.  

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