sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2015

ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - e-bulettin July 2015 - Host a screening of 'Little Stars' for a free DVD

Host a screening of 'Little Stars' for a free DVD

The world needs to know the value of children's palliative care and the 'Little Stars' short films and 52 minute documentary, presented by David Suchet, CBE, provides one of the most comprehensive and relevant vehicles available today creating awareness. The producers of Little Stars have committed to mail a free copy of the 'Little Stars' film to anyone who commits to host a screening of the film in their part of the world.Click here to find out more about this amazing offer, while stocks last. The producers have requested that those fortunate enough to have attend the only 2 screenings of the film to date to please assist them and rate it here

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