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World Hospice & Palliative Care Day focus on children - Hidden lives, hidden patients - particularly children. ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - e-bulettin July 2015 -

This year's theme for World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is 'Hidden Lives, Hidden Patients' and the messaging around this has a strong focus on the needs of life-limited children to receive palliative care. Children with palliative care needs are some of the most ‘invisible’ patients of the health-care world. ICPCN is working hard to change that and we are delighted that to align with the ICPCN's NOW Campaign the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance has placed a particular emphasis on children in this year’s theme and in the accompanying report. Read more

ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - e-bulettin July 2015

Cardiff Conference
The 7th International Cardiff Conference on Paediatric Palliative Care ended last Friday, 10 July 2015 and was declared a great success by those in attendance. The conference theme was "Medicine and Compassion: Tool for the Task...Or Dangerous Distraction? Following the first day speakers was never going to be a easy, but the invited plenary speakers on Day 2 were more than equal to the task. In his summation, Dr Richard Hain said "If you had to use one phrase that summed up what we have been talking about, it is this:Compassion is...intelligent kindness." 
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24 hour helpline 
OSKAR, the world's first 24-hour helpline for families with life limited children was launched recently in Berlin, Germany with the number 0800 8888 4711. An initiative of the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. this service is aimed at the approximately 40 000 families in Germany caring for children with palliative care needs. OSKAR will also provide support to bereaved families, as well as professionals and volunteers working in the field of children's hospice and palliative care.  
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Dutch e-learning 
Providing online electronic learning (e-learning) courses for health professionals and volunteers working in the field of children’s palliative care has long been a vision of Stichting PAL, the national children's palliative care networking foundation in The Netherlands. On Friday 26 June the first group of students in The Netherlands to complete a Dutch e-learning course form ICPCN were presented with certificates of completion. The students are all volunteers from the ZaZaZorg Foundation. 
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ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - e-bulettin July 2015 - Events


The ICPCN website has a comprehensive  Calendar of Events listing events related to children's palliative care taking place around the world. Contact us to have your event listed on this calendar.
  1. 27 - 28 August:The 6th Biannual Palliative Care Association of Uganda Conference Kampala, Uganda
  2. 18 - 20 September: European Academy of Paediatrics Congress and Master Course 2015 Oslo, Norway
  3. 27 - 30 September: Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa Conference 2015 Durban, South Africa
  4. 1 - 3 October:  1st Portuguese Meeting of Paediatric Palliative Care Lisbon, Portugal
  5. 1- 4 October: International forum on Pediatric Pain, Nova Scotia, Canada
  6. 28 October: Transitions in Pediatric Palliative Care, Ottawa, Canada
  7. 25 - 27 November: The 1st Nordic Conference in Children's Palliative Care, Oslo, Norway 

ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - e-bulettin July 2015 - Host a screening of 'Little Stars' for a free DVD

Host a screening of 'Little Stars' for a free DVD

The world needs to know the value of children's palliative care and the 'Little Stars' short films and 52 minute documentary, presented by David Suchet, CBE, provides one of the most comprehensive and relevant vehicles available today creating awareness. The producers of Little Stars have committed to mail a free copy of the 'Little Stars' film to anyone who commits to host a screening of the film in their part of the world.Click here to find out more about this amazing offer, while stocks last. The producers have requested that those fortunate enough to have attend the only 2 screenings of the film to date to please assist them and rate it here

ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - e-bulettin July 2015 - Treating Pain in Children

The latest film in the Little Stars series addresses the issue of chronic pain in children. In this latest Little Stars film, we are introduced to Dr Stefan Friedrichsdorf, a children’s pain expert in Minneapolis, USA, who says “taking pain away is not really rocket science, it is not that difficult, and we can teach any junior doctor in one or two hours to manage 90% of children with acute pain. However most children’s hospitals have not yet implemented even the standard methods of taking acute pain away.” Click here to learn more and watch this latest superb Little Stars short film.

ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - e-bulettin July 2015 - Wear a hat on 2 October for #Hatson4CPC

Wear a hat on 2 October for #Hatson4CPC

ICPCN has declared the first Friday in October an international day of awareness for children's hospice and palliative care services, highlighting the global right of 21 million children with life-limiting conditions to receive palliative care. We call on our members and those working in the field to use this day to raise funds and awareness of the need for children's palliative care.

To show support people will be asked to make a small donation and wear a hat to work, school, college, or just around the house. They will also be encouraged to post a picture of themselves with a hat on social media sites. The campaign will be known as ‘Hatson4CPC’ with the hashtag #Hatson4CPC. The date for this hat wearing extravaganza in 2015 is Friday 2 October.

There are many ways to engage the public, and we particularly hope that schools across the globe will become involved, learn about the needs and rights of children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and raise funds for local services. Click the button below to learn more and download resources that can be used. We are also looking for volunteers to translate materials into as many languages as possible.