terça-feira, 14 de outubro de 2014

Feeling helpless in the face of the Ebola crisis?

ICPCN encourages members to participate in the palliative care community response to the Ebola crisis.

It is difficult to watch the news these days. Along with you, we at ICPCN watch the pain and suffering of those with Ebola, particularly the children who are sick or who have been orphaned and abandoned, with feelings of despair. 

In a recent ehospice article, Palliative care and the response to Ebola, editor Kate Jackson asks how the ethos and practice of the palliative care community can help in the response to the disease. She writes "although there is no known vaccine or cure for Ebola, the steps recommended by WHO and other international health organizations to reduce mortality are through supportive care and community education. Both of these areas are core competencies of those trained in palliative care."   Saiba mais...

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