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The latest news from ICPCN - International Children's Palliative Care Network - July 2014

All contributions welcomed! 

ICPCN is on the lookout for a universal symbol for children's palliative care and for stories to use for advocacy purposes. 

Over the past month the ICPCN has sent out two requests to our members. The first is a request for ideas for a universal symbol for children's palliative care and the second for stories about how palliative care has made a difference in the life of a child or family. Please take the time to read about these two projects by clicking on the links provided below and get back to us soon with your ideas and your stories. 
It's time to get creative!
The ICPCN is looking for a universal symbol for children's palliative care. Our aim is to find one symbol that can become synonymous with children's palliative care wherever and whenever it is used. If you have a good idea or a creative bent, you have until the end of July 2014 to submit your idea to us. Find out more
Do you have a story for us?
We are looking for true stories in writing or video clips that describe what it is like to have a life limiting illness or to parent a child with a life limiting illness and the difference that palliative care can make in that situation. Wherever you are in the world, we would like to hear your story.Find out more.

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