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Historic day for palliative care as WHA passes resolution GENEVA 23 May 2014

Groundbreaking resolution passed today at the 67th World Health Assembly 

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Passing of Resolution on Palliative Care at WHA
What does this mean for children’s palliative care?

GENEVA 23 May 2014

The ICPCN is thrilled to announce that a landmark resolution has been passed unanimously at the 67th session of the World Health Assembly (#WHA67) in Geneva, Switzerland that will encourage all member states to take a greater interest in palliative care, including palliative care for children.

The key functions of the World Health Assembly (WHA) held each year in Geneva, Switzerland, is to determine policies of the World Health Organization (WHO), to appoint the Director-General, to supervise financial policies and review and approve the proposed programme budget.   

This year, for the first time ever, the WHA has passed a landmark resolution on palliative care calling on all member states to:
  • Develop, strengthen and implement palliative care policies
  • Support palliative care initiatives including education and training, quality improvement and availability of medicines essential for the provision of palliative care
  • Provide support to caregivers
  • Include palliative care as a part of integrated training for all healthcare workers who routinely work with people with serious illness
  • Ensure access to essential medications
  • Foster partnerships between government and civil society to increase access to palliative care
Leaders within the global palliative care community are optimistic that this resolution will initiate the development of structured standards and guidelines for palliative care, including palliative care for children, as set by the World Health Organization.

The ICPCN feels that this resolution will also strengthen both local and national advocacy efforts for the development of paediatric services. It not only signals that palliative care for all ages should be taken seriously but also calls upon countries to include palliative care in their healthcare budgets.

While the WHO cannot enforce decisions made at the WHA the passing of this resolution means that all member states will be obliged to provide a statistical reports on the progress of palliative care within their borders.

From Geneva, where she is attending the WHA and has been a vocal advocate for the inclusion of children in the conversations on palliative care, ICPCN's CEO Joan Marston had this to say: “This is a historic moment for palliative care, with recognition by the World Health Assembly that palliative care is an essential part of health systems in every country. But it is only the beginning of our work. We now have to ensure the resolution is put into practice in order to reach the millions of children living with life-limiting conditions around the world. For these children and their families, we must continue to work together and use all our commitment, compassion and energy to relieve their suffering and to make life worth living."
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E tudo continua mudando...o tempo todo...

Tudo muda muito rápido, e quem aceita essa realidade e consegue exercitar sua capacidade de adaptação, já sai com vantagens
Há poucas coisas mais edificantes para o caráter do que começar de novo, relevando as mágoas, engolindo a lágrimas e lançando um olhar otimista para o futuro. Começar de novo é uma fantástica forma de libertação.Provavelmente a melhor de todas.  Eugênio Mussak – revista Vida simples
"Toda mágoa que passei
É motivo prá comemorar
Pois se não sofresse assim 
Não tinha razões prá cantar..." Falamansa

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Wonderful nurses...always! And the latest ICPCN news bulletin


This news bulletin is brought to you by the International Children's Palliative Care Network. Keeping you up to date and informed on issues related to children's palliative care from around the globe.

Acknowledging the role of nurses in children's palliative care

Monday 12 May is International Nurses Day. Nurses form the backbone of children's palliative care services in many countries and are always there to share the ups and downs of the journey with the children they care for and their families. An American nurse practitioner, Christine Bell, sums up the role of a nurse beautifully when she says: Our job as nurses is to cushion the sorrow and celebrate the joy every day, while we are 'just doing our jobs'.

ICPCN would like to take this opportunity to honour and acknowledge all those wonderful nurses who work in children's palliative care and thank them for their compassion, expertise and love. 

ehospice in line for top charity award

ICPCN is proud to be a part of ehospice which has been shortlisted for the prestigious Charity Awards, recognising and rewarding those organisations doing exceptional work in all areas of charitable activity. The awards are an annual programme held in the UK which celebrate and highlight best practice across the voluntary sector.

ehospice has been shortlisted in the ‘Healthcare and Medical Research’ category, and will be assessed on 10 Hallmarks of Excellence.

Watch a short promotional video on ehospice

The winners of the awards will be announced at a ceremony in London on 12 June.
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An intolerable burden of care

A recent article in the Sunday Tribune, a South African weekly newspaper, takes a deeper look at the unbearable burden of care that led a South African mother living in London to kill her three children suffering with SMA and try to kill herself. The story highlights most poignantly the need for more and better palliative care services around the world.
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