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The death of Nelson Mandela - Celebrating a life

Author: Dr Emmanuel Luyirika, APCA
06 December 2013

Acesse: http://www.ehospice.com/internationalchildrens/ArticlesList/ThedeathofNelsonMandelaCelebratingalife120613083900/tabid/9663/ArticleId/7957/language/en-GB/View.aspx#.UrG3rdJDtVY

The African Palliative Care Association's Executive director, Dr Emmanuel Luyirika, looks back on Mandela’s life and the lasting impact it has had on healthcare in South Africa.

"For those of us in health care and specifically palliative care, Mandela has left a legacy that we can build on to ensure that we care for all especially at their point of most need." 

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