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The WPCA welcomes the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust’s investment in care with dignity

(The Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (WPCA) is a global action network focusing exclusively on hospice and palliative care development worldwide. Its members are national and regional hospice and palliative care organisations and affiliate organisations supporting hospice and palliative care. Our vision is a world with universal access to hospice and palliative care)  http://www.thewpca.org/about-hospice-and-palliative-care/

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust established to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 60 year contribution to the Commonwealth will include care with dignity as one of its themes. As part of this theme, the Trust will invest in compassionate care for people living with chronic and terminal conditions.

The Trust’s focus on care with dignity is an important recognition of the urgent need for more investment in programmes which focus on care, support and quality of life, rather than just curative treatment and prevention.

David Praill, chief executive of Help the Hospices and co-chair of the WPCA, explains:
"Across the hospice and palliative care sector, we are thrilled that The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust will bring into the spotlight the importance of care which is compassionate, dignified and improves people’s quality of life.  
"Sadly across the Commonwealth only five of the 54 member states have palliative care services which are fully integrated within mainstream health care services. 
"Shockingly there are 18 countries which have no identified palliative care services at all. This means throughout the Commonwealth there are millions of children and adults living and dying in extreme pain and distress.  
"However we are on the brink of change. Commonwealth countries like Kenya, India and Jamaica have made great progress in providing compassionate care to the chronically ill. But more investment is urgently needed.
"With sustained funding, better training for health professionals and a focus on strengthening community care systems and supporting caregivers, we can bring care with dignity and a quality of life to millions more people across the Commonwealth".

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